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A. Solo Character Portrait Sketching
Get the customised sketches that you always desired.
B. Couple sketches

Fill your home ambience with love by surprising your partner with your wedding sketch on your Anniversary/ any special day. You can also amaze your parents, In-laws, and grandparents with their sketches for posterity.

C. Famous Personality Sketching

Don’t forget to take the golden chance to have sketches of some famous personalities like your dream player, singer or politician whom you are a ‘Fan’ of.

D. Family Photo Sketching
Gift your next generation with the family sketch that they can remember for their life.
E. Still Life Sketching
Here you can have the sketch of inanimate objects like animals, flowers, plants, or man-made like vases, jewelry, etc.
F. Deity / Enlightened Personality Sketching
You can pick among the deities / enlightened personalities you have faith in like Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Shri Krishna, Maa Durga, etc., and hang it in the size and design you want.


A. Decorate your Abode


B. Bharni Painting

You will get Bold and colourful art with rich line work around the coloured forms enchanting the mystic Godly world. Common subjects include Vishnu, kaali, Durga, Shri Krishna, and all other god and goddesses and their stories in form of painting. Suitable to flaunt in your seating room or conference halls.

C. Katchni Painting

It is a traditional style of picture coming from Kayastha community. Made using monochrome or only two colours. Must own such painting to feel pride of what you experience historically.

D. Kohbar

Marriage ceremonies as a theme will enchant your seating place with auspicious belongings.

E. Godna

It is composed of rows and concentric circles of flowers, fields, animals, figures, and spirits drawn with a pointed bamboo pen and lampblack ink. This difficult art will be a pride to own like ‘Owners pride and Neighbours envy’.


A. Decorate

Decorate your house or gift your child with these artistic craftworks.

B. Paper crafts

There is a range of items including Origami, Quilting, Flower paper rings, Paper heart flowers, Handprint flower craft, 3D paper flower Bouquet, 3D paper Tulip flowers, and Bookmarks. Gift it to your near and dear ones and get that extra affection you want.

C. Needlework

You can get attractive works from sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting. Either design your work or get customised work as desired.

D. Fabric painting and pot decoration

A truly must to own at your home décor space.


A. Handmade Customized Cards

You can present your loved ones with handmade customized cards for all occasions. There will be nothing as precious than this replacing the Whatsapp images and digital finds.


A. School Science Project

You can also book the service for the School science project, school project craft, and Bulletin board decoration. Get your children to learn the fine Project/Crafts once to understand; this can be enjoyable also.


A. Practice Sketch

A day-long or time-based workshop can also be organised on the customised requirements to teach, practice painting/ sketch by the young children or any enthusiast at the place of their own choosing. Complete technique-based teaching will evolve and even a ‘Certificate of Learning’ is provided to motivate the young artists to dig deeper into the art world.


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